Life as Explained through OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System)

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Articles & Publications

/* Life and OOPS */

The concepts, ideas and theories are generally picked up from real life scenarios and examples. If we try to understand life from the concept of OOPS, its very simple to understand.

So lets begin.

/* We as Classes */

Class – The primary component of OOPS. Everything revolves around a Class, which is a collection of elements, properties, methods and its relations with other classes. Consider ourselves as Classes. Each individual among us is an independent Unit or component in the society. We have different elements (organs, sensory units, senses, etc.). We have different properties (Personality, Needs, Ambitions, Dreams, Choices, Perceptions, Habits etc.). We have our own methods to live and lead life (Consuming food to live, Studying, Working for Livelihood, Buying or Renting a Home, Tending Home and Children, etc.)

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